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Prospective Students

Welcome to New College LifeTrack. This program is designed for people who may not have gone as far in school as they wanted, but who never stopped wanting to be a student.

You’re already a student

Think of everything you have accomplished—maybe you have a spouse, a family, a job, a home. You’ve learned a lot to get where you are. This program is here to help you take that learning to the next level. LifeTrack enables you to take courses from wherever you are and around your schedule. You also have the opportunity to earn college credits for your valuable experience.

Your degree from Alabama

LifeTrack is your gateway into one of the top universities in the country. More than 1,800 students have earned their degree from The University of Alabama through New College LifeTrack. It is the same baccalaureate degree earned by on-campus students with courses taught by the same faculty in a more flexible format.

Learning designed just for your life

LifeTrack is for adults with busy lives who are re-entering school.  You’ll have a personal advisor to be your guide, coach and mentor from registration to your graduation and everything in between. You can take courses set up around your life, not the other way around.  Take as many or as few as you want.  You can even design your own curricula by working with your professor to create an out-of-class learning contract. So you learn topics that interest you.  Learning in-depth with LifeTrack you do not select a "major" like other programs. Instead you choose an area of depth study. This gives you a broader range of knowledge and a wider variety of classes. The areas of depth study are: Literature, Art & Society, (2) Science, Technology & Culture, (3) Leadership Studies, (4) Community Studies, and (5) Self-Designed.

Take one simple step

Whether it’s personal improvement, a career change, graduate school or to satisfy a goal of earning a college degree, it all starts with one simple step. Call and speak to a LifeTrack advisor and he or she will help you get started. Then get ready to Learn On.