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Meet Current Students

Donna McCrayDonna McCray

Donna Hoggle McCray is no stranger to hard work. An employee of The University of Alabama, she is on the job daily with a very busy schedule. She found New College LifeTrack, now New College LifeTrack, and knew that this program could help her realize her goals. Recently, she has finished her depth study in Community Studies and has now completed all of the requirements to be a college graduate!

In reflecting about her time as a student Donna said, "Initially, upon return to the academic arena, I chose to go through Arts and Sciences and I began to attend classes at night. While I enjoyed these classes, along with the socialization with students, it was not conducive to my very busy schedule as a single mom and member of the team of Facilities and Grounds at the University of Alabama. I needed to be able to take weekend classes and some night and online classes. I needed something that was tailored to my demanding life while allowing me to work at my own pace, which is exactly what New College LifeTrack had to offer."

"I prefer to run in high gear and I was very appreciative of professors, contract directors and advisors who allowed me to do that." Congratulations to Donna for a job well done.

Donna Hoggle McCray
Tuscaloosa, Alabama