To access New College LifeTrack program and course information (including course Syllabi): Enter the website using your “username” and “password”. When the homepage for myBama appears, in the upper right-hand row corner you should see an icon titled “More” with several small boxes next to the word. Click on that MORE icon. Now you should see multiple icons across the top of the myBama page. One of the icons that appears will be titled “Blackboard.” Click that icon.

You should now be on the Blackboard page. On the right hand side of the screen you should see a box labeled “My Courses.” The courses will be listed with the year followed by a 10, a 30 or a 40. The 10 represents Spring courses, the 30 represents Summer courses and the 40 represents Fall courses. To access all course syllabi for the NCLT Program, you should look for the Blackboard course titled NCLT Syllabi and Information. Click on that Blackboard shell and it will open up to the welcoming page and will give you another list of links on the left hand side of the screen as a table of contents. Each of these links contains different LifeTrack information. You should pick the corresponding link for what you are looking for. If Courses, choose “course syllabi”.

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