To Enroll / Pay / Confirm

First, to enroll you need to visit and enter using your user name and password. If you have forgotten your user name since you filled out the UA admittance form, you should click on “Need Account” and go through the steps.

Next, the homepage for myBama comes up, click on the word “Student” in the left-hand Table of Contents. When the new page opens, you will see the Banner Self Service Box in the upper left-hand quadrant of the page. Click on the heading “Student Services” and then “Registration”. A list will drop down, then click on “Add or Drop Class”. Be sure to choose the correct semester. The system may ask for updated addresses (both permanent and emergency — just click on through if yours are up to date). A page will appear that has a row of boxes across the bottom of the page. Enter the CRN(S) you Academic Advisor has given you in the first and second box, then click on “Submit Changes”.

And then a bill should appear on your account. If the bill does not appear immediately, check back often till it does appear. In the box marked “Banner Self Services” click on Student Services” and then “Student Receivables”. The first title: “View Your Account, Pay/ Confirm Your Schedule”. Follow the instructions for making payment. You must confirm your schedule to ensure that enrollment will not be dropped. There is a $25.00 fee for all on campus (weekend) seminars that is added to the bill for additional costs such as food and tickets for events.

In order to enroll coursework, students much be “permitted” by a LifeTrack Advisor. The Advisor/Admission Coordinator will provide the course CRN (course reference number) and the student will then access the website to enroll.

Questions about enrollment; your Advisor, (205) 348-6000. Questions about Financial Aid: (205) 348-6756 Questions about course content: Call Instructor listed in the syllabus.

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