Beginning Your Course Work

  • You will find your Instructor’s contact information on the syllabus. This may be a phone number, an email or contact through Blackboard.
  • Review the syllabus examining the goals and objectives, methodologies, required resources and the manner in which you will be evaluated throughout the course. If this is an online Blackboard course, visit the and begin.
  • Order your resource materials. You may find some of books or essays or articles through your local library or inter-library loan. You may find a better price for these materials through or or ebay. Make sure you are ordering the correct edition of your reading materials.
  • While you are waiting to receive your reading materials, you may want to contact your instructor and get answers to any lingering questions about procedure or turning in materials. Do not put off the work. Get busy right away and follow the calendar.
  • If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your instructor. If you do not receive a timely response from your instructor, you may call (205) 348-6000.

Communication is very important. Stay in touch with your instructor.