EXD 355-103 Achieving Scientific Literacy

3 Semester Hours

Dr. Shelli Williams

Contract director prefers contact to be made via email at shelli.williams@gmail.com. If further contact or discussion is needed, a scheduled phone conference will be arranged.


Science impacts all aspects of life, in the obvious forms of medical advances and more energy efficient cars, to the less apparent nutritional advances and the quest to colonize space. Every consumer decision, every ballot cast on Election Day impacts the way science will advance in American. The conscientious citizen should strive for a basic understanding of the sciences in a general sense. This course seeks that understanding through exposure to the resources discussed below.

Learning Objectives

The primary goal of this course is the transfer of a basic scientific vocabulary and understanding to those not trained in a scientific discipline. As this is a survey of several broad ‘sciences, such as medical, astronomy, and physics to name only a few, this course will by necessity cover each topic in a brief examination. More in-depth knowledge will be conveyed to the students through on-line researching of a topic pre-approved by the instructor.