Group Course Contracts offer LifeTrack students the opportunity to gather within a community of scholars and share the educational experience. These contracts (also called seminars) change from semester to semester.

The following are current examples:

The American Hero in Film and Literature

Ric Dice, 4 credit hours, Humanities; Social Sciences; Lit, Art & Society, Elective
Examines the evolution of the hero in American culture, beginning with the pioneer and cowboy, moving forward to urban existential hero/anti-hero, and concluding with the modern or new hero, the rebel with a cause. Students will view films, read film critiques and read essays on the period and present their findings and analysis in several writing assignments.

Voices from the Trail of Tears

Ana Schuber, 3 credit hours, Humanities; Social Sciences; Lit, Art & Society
Examines the issues surrounding the Trial of Tears from the perspective of primary voices; to examine the fate of female Native Americans; examine land issues and US Governmental directives. Students will compare official documentation of Cherokee land holdings before colonization through the mid-19th century to determine the impact of European settlement on the Cherokee people. Students will explore oral histories and visual evidence to determine the impact of the Trail of Tears on the Cherokee Culture.

Intro to the Myers – Briggs Personality Indicator

2 credit hours, Social Science; Elective
Study of four temperaments found in Jungian theory via the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. Students learn about personality in regard to learning, career development, teaching, child-parent relationships, leadership in the workplace and conflict with differing personality types.

Leadership and Data Analysis

Dr. Jimmy Thompson, 3 credit hours, Leadership, Social Science, Elective
To understand how data is gathered, displayed and analyzed in order to make effective decisions within an organizational environment. Students will gain an understanding of the purpose for data gathering and methods for display and interpretation. The students will learn to cope with volumes of data, both quantitative and qualitative, and learn how to apply data to the decision-making process.

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