Financial Information


After enrolling, students should log into and click on "Student Services" in the box titled Banner Self Services. When the new menu drops, choose “Student Account Services” to pay course tuition and fees.  This will also confirm the semester schedule. The tuition rate can be found by visiting Bama By Distance and, in addition, the student should expect to pay $15.00 fee per credit hour for Arts and Sciences. Tuition rates are subject to change in August of the academic year.

Federal Financial Aid

Students should complete or renew federal financial aid applications online. Information from the most recent tax returns will be needed.  For more information, visit

Financial Aid Consideration

Students receiving financial aid need to be vigilant about starting and completing coursework in the semester of enrollment.  Federal Financial Aid can be affected if less than 67% of coursework enrolled is completed in the semester of enrollment.  For more information about these rules, students should contact Financial Aid on the UA campus at (205) 348-6756.