Financial Information

Federal Aid

Fill out or renew you federal financial aid online. It's quick and easy, although you will need some information from your latest tax return. For more information, go to


Once a contract has been successfully enrolled, students should go to "student receivables" on myBama and immediately confirm their schedule and make payment for the enrolled hours. The tuition rate can be found by clicking here and, in addition, the student should expect to pay $10.00 fee per credit hour for Arts and Sciences. Tuition rates are subject to change in August of the academic year.

Part Time Loans

If you are interested in obtaining student loans for part-time students (enrolled less than 6 hours a semester), you might try the Education Finance Department at Citizen’s Bank ( New College LifeTrack is not affiliated with Citizen’s Bank, nor can we officially endorse this program. Still, it is worth looking into.

Financial Aid

Students receiving financial aid need to begin and complete course work for enrolled contracts within the semester of enrollment.