A BS can be earned with any Depth Study by completing Math 125 or higher.

Note: BNC = Bachelor of Science and BAN = Bachelor of Arts. Please make note of the degree type when completing the application for admissions.

Educational Goals Statement

Please enter in the box below an educational goals statement of 250 words or more should include the following:

  1. An introduction of yourself, including your educational and career goals and any plans you have for furthering your education after earning your undergraduate degree.
  2. A description of how your educational goals relate to your family, work, and community life.
  3. An explanation of the reasons you find the New College LifeTrack Program appropriate for earning your undergraduate degree.
  4. A description of your proposed depth study.


You must have official transcripts sent from each college or university you have attended to the address below. If you have fewer than 24 semester hours of college work, you must have a high school transcript or GED score sent directly from the high school of attendance or testing center.


The University of Alabama Records Office Box 870134 Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0134