Jennifer Caputo, MA

Phone: (205) 348-1656
Room: 201 Martha Parham Hall West

Jennifer Caputo lives in Tuscaloosa with her husband Andrew Dewar (UA Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts). Her teaching interests integrate music, dance, creativity in the arts, cultural studies, music/arts activism, community engagement, service and outreach.

Jennifer directs the UA African Drumming Ensemble and serves as the Secretary of the Alabama Chapter of the Percussive Arts Society. She has a Bachelor of Music degree from the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College, CUNY (City University of New York) and a Master of Arts degree in Music (Ethnomusicology) from Tufts University. Jennifer also enjoys gardening, traveling the world, and supporting local food and arts organizations.

Kim Colburn, PhD

Phone: (205) 348-7038
Room: 202 Martha Parham Hall West

Kim Colburn lives in Northport with her wife, Kristi. They have 3 teenage children and 4 dogs, 2 of the 4 are foster fails. Kim is a native of Tuscaloosa but has lived many places. Her interests include camping, fishing, Alabama football, and dog rescue.

Kim is a 2005 New College graduate with a depth study in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. She has a Master degree in Library and Information Studies from The University of Alabama. She has a PhD in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at the University of Alabama. Kim’s dissertation focused on Antisemitism, the Holocaust, and perpetrator behavior. Her teaching interests include cooperation and conflict, social change, collective memory, and social issues.

Scott Jones, PhD

Phone: (205) 348-6041
Room: 203 Martha Parham Hall West

Scott Jones lives in Cottondale with his wife Leah, three cats, one dog, a snake, and a turtle. Scott is originally from near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but has been slowly making his way south. He made stops in West Virginia and North Carolina before coming to Alabama. His interests include hiking, camping, monster movies, reading, and many other things.

Scott received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Shippensburg University in south-central Pennsylvania where he did undergraduate research on cannibalism in caddisflies and salamanders. He received his Master’s degree in Biology from Marshall University in West Virginia where he looked at urban herpetology. His most recent degree was a PhD from East Carolina University in North Carolina, where his research focused on how tadpoles change their shape in response to competitors and predators. His teaching interests include herpetology, zoology, ecology, conservation biology, natural sciences, and the connections between humans and nature.

Margaret Purcell, PhD

Phone: (205) 348-9533
Room: 239 Martha Parham Hall West

Dr. Purcell has over 30 years of administrative experience in corporate, nonprofit, and higher education settings, and she has been teaching at the undergraduate and graduate higher education levels since 1990. As an educator and dedicated community volunteer, she is known for her use of community engagement, volunteer development, and grant writing skills to foster town and gown relationships and to leverage resources to enable community members to achieve shared goals. In her career, she has written or co-written funding proposals that have garnered over $60 million in external value. She and her husband were recognized as agricultural entrepreneurs by the Senate of the State of Alabama for their agri-education outreach, their development of a newly trademarked breed of cattle, and their successful product line of jar goods. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed journals and publications for general audiences. She is currently writing a book on nonprofit innovation in Alabama called Citizen Servants: A History of Success, Innovation, and Adaptation in Alabama’s Nonprofits.

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